Velvet and Linen’s Brooke Visits the Skirted Roundtable



Brooke’s wonderful Oxnard House – where she and her family spend their weekends on the water. 


Interior Designer Brooke Giannetti of the blog Velvet and Linen visited us at the Skirted Roundtable this week and the time just flew by.  The three of us, Linda, Megan and myself, were mesmerized just listening to Brooke talk about her business, her family, her design aesthetic – even how a beautiful room is an emotional experience for her.  I think the three of us just wanted to hear every word she said – we all admire her so much.   I told Brooke that the first time I had ever heard of her was after Villa Anna posted pictures of her Oxnard house.   Even though it was a year ago, I remember it very, very clearly.  The picture,  above, of her weekend house sent me into a jealous tailspin!   OMG – WHAT a darling house!!!!!  Look at that clock!  The slipcovers!  The fireplace!  The tufted chairs!   I loved everything in the house and had to find out who owned it and what she was all about.   It was the beginning of a true love fest for me and I  became obsessed with everything Brooke  – her portfolio, her Santa Monica house, her shop, her husband’s work, their web site – you name it, I wanted to know all about it.    That first night I spent more than a few hours on Brooke’s web site poring over all the houses she and Steve had designed together and apart. 


image The breakfast area at Oxnard – with antique shutters, wicker chairs, and wonderful oil paintings.


What I did learn though, was besides being fabulously talented,  Brooke is a nice person.  This past year, she and I have exchanged countless emails, and every time I’ve asked her for help or advice, she has always come through for me,  always lending an ear.   Many times she’s just been there – a good friend I’ve never even “met.”



image I mean, what is there not to love about a girl who tears down the wall between her bedroom and bathroom and puts up curtains instead, and who even has a bathtub we all have lusted after? 


So, naturally, I was thrilled when I learned Brooke was coming on the Skirted Roundtable this week.   She talked all about interior design, how she started out, and everything in between.   She is such a doll – inside and out.     To find out everything about Brooke you didn’t know before, be sure to listen HERE  - I think you’ll be as glued to your seat as we were!

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