Elle Decor & Beds & The Peak of Chic!


The new Elle Decor magazine is out – celebrating twenty years of publication.  Wow.  Twenty years, really?   Time flies when you’re looking at beautiful houses.  This month one of the standouts is a new design by President Obama’s interior designer (yes!) Michael Smith.  It’s the cover story.  But the one picture that really caught my eye was this one:




Muriel Brandolini’s design – using a lit a la polonaise in the master bedroom aka living room  – gorgeous, no?     I am smitten with these beds and in fact just ordered the copy (this one was custom made in France) from Anthropologie for my daughter’s room which we are redecorating.  This time, she is letting me help her – last time, she did it all herself – so she is getting a definite French vibe in there.




This one.  We ordered a twin bed because it doesn’t come in double and the queen size is just too big for her tiny room.  Right now I have a room full of West Elm furniture to sell.  If you live in Houston and want a bed, end table and bookshelf from West Elm, bring a truck and a few movers over!




And in Skirted Roundtable news –  Linda, Megan and I are SOOOOOOOOOO excited to have Jennifer Boles aka The Peak of Chic join us this week.  We can’t wait to ask her a million questions.   Look for the interview to be up on the web site around Wednesday or Thursday this week.

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