Just a Touch of Pink

Pink is everywhere these days. Southern Accents reported that at the spring home show in Paris, the deeper pinks - the berry pinks - overtook everything and if you didn't have something in this color yet, you will by next year. Patricia Gray has a beautiful blog on pink today, so be sure to visit her!

Sometimes, though, all you need is a touch of pink to get the soothing effect that light pink gives or the pop of a brighter pink. Here are some pictures with just that touch.

Pink shows up on an accent wall and in the flowers.

Pink pillows on brown upholstery with the same pink caladiums that have overtaken my yard.

Charlotte Moss' gorgeous pink velvet settee with pink chairs flanking the fireplace.

Houstonian designer Pam Pierce uses pink, but just barely.

Ah, my favorite house by Kurt Aichler (see previous post): a daughter's bedroom with a darling Indulge headboard and pink wainscoting wrapped round.

Deeper tones on the ottoman/coffee table juxtaposed against all white.

Charlotte Moss brings out pink in the flowers and pillow.

Pink and yellow, a beautiful combination.

Note how the flowers pick up the hue in the atrium. Good photostylist.

Ha - my porch! Styled with pink flowers. Now THIS is the work of a great photostylist!!

Pale pink flowers to tie in the pale pink slipcover and drapes.

Peonies and blue and white porcelain, the best combination.

> Wow! A home for sale in Houston. Those are some azaleas! I love the blue pool against the pink. Do you think they keep those gorgeous daybeds out there all summer? Beautiful.

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