Just a Few Seconds Earlier....

This is a personal entry that has nothing to do with decorating, or French things, or anything else so material.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Marble Falls,Texas to pick up our precious 16 year old daughter from summer camp. On the way home, we stopped for lunch and then headed back on the road when it started to be a typical Texan monsoon. We were in the hills and my husband was driving rather fast, I thought, so I asked him to slow down because of the torrential rain. He told me to forget it, he knew how to drive in the rain, so I buckled on my seatbelt and dozed off for a few minutes. This is what happened right before us. Had we left lunch a few seconds earlier, this would have been us.

Ben stopped the car and got out and called EMS (which took about 30 minutes to get there it seemed). Four people ended up being life flighted to Austin with life threatening injuries. Four cars were involved in the wreck. Ironically, exactly one month ago, three teachers were killed in a wreck in this exact same intersection. In fact, there were still flowers marking their wreckage site. So many people had stopped to help, that after Ben finished pulling the debris off the highway, we decided to leave. It was still pouring rain. A pickup truck was tailing cars and swerving from lane to lane, going around 80 mph, as if he hadn't just witnessed the same wreck that we had. Some people never learn.

As we reached home, Ben said we should thank God that we were home and that we were safe.

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