Jane Pollak on Skirted Roundtable

Join us this week when we talk business with Jane Pollak, author of “Soul Proprietor:  101 Lessons From a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.”  Jane’s book is divided into lessons and she is quite inspiring to talk to.   She is full of great ideas and she certainly gave us three plenty of food for thought. 





Jane got her start years ago making these eggs – I’m sure you remember them!  She became so well known for her eggs, she was invited to the White House to take place in the Easter Egg Roll.   From her experiences as an entrepreneur, Jane started another business – teaching others how to do the same thing. 

Her new book is available HERE.  On the Skirted Roundtable website we are giving away her book plus Jane is giving away five free lessons!  So be sure to listen and enter on the Skirted Roundtable – HERE.

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