What A Year!!


The Skirted  Roundtable


Yep!  Hard to believe but we’re starting our second year of the Skirted Roundtable.   It was all Linda Merrill’s idea, so blame her, not me.   Linda was a blogging friend of mine from Massachusetts that I had bonded with over our mutual love of the Something’s Gotta Give house.  I kid her about being a grandmother because she’s been blogging with Surroundings much longer than most of us have, but she’s actually younger than Megan or me.   Last year Linda approached me about joining her for a weekly design podcast and I suggested we also ask Megan of Beach Bungalow 8 fame.   Megan and I were emails buddies who had spent many late nights laughing while texting, but then she had to go off and get married and our late night texting  abruptly stopped.   I’d missed our laugh filled sessions, so I begged Linda to ask Megan to join us.   Our plan was straight forward -  we would talk over Skype since we lived in Texas, Massachusetts and California and it would only be audio because everyone looks like a troll on Skype, even the gorgeous Megan.      Initially we promised ourselves we could keep it short and sweet:   fifteen minutes of talking about design and fifteen minutes of talking about blogging, period.  We actually kept to that schedule  for a few months until we started having guests and our short and sweet turned into one hour plus.    It’s been so much fun this past year - we record on Monday nights at 11:00 pm EST and usually don’t end the conversation until 1:00 am.    We’ve had some incredible guests – Charlotte Moss, Alessandra Branca, and Vicente Wolf, to name a few.   I will confess that my stomach was in knots interviewing Charlotte – she’s one of my idols and I still can’t believe she agreed to talk with us!   We’ve got some more great interviews lined up for our second year – noted author Diane Dorrans Saeks and interior design extraordinaire Mary Douglas Drysdale are coming up soon.

As always, it’s your support and loyalty that makes it all worthwhile and we can’t thank you enough for listening and leaving comments.  Just a reminder – the Skirted Roundtable is available on I-Tunes for downloading by subscription.   



Lee Stanton poses.  Sigh.


This past week on the  Skirted  Roundtable, our guest was the absolutely gorgeous (!) noted antiquarian Lee Stanton from Los Angeles.   If you are like me and are interested in antiques and the antiques business, be sure to listen to his interview.    He is a fascinating man and we really learned a lot about antiques from him  - I hope you will too!!!   To listen to Lee’s interview, please go HERE.

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