Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?


P i g t o w n * D e s i g n


Everyone who reads design blogs has probably heard of Pigtown Design – a wonderfully written daily diary by Meg Fairfax Fielding.    Although Meg’s home base is Baltimore - in the historic Pigtown neighborhood – her blog is a running commentary on any town or country where she finds historic architecture, interesting interior design, antiques or whatever else she finds intriguing.  Fielding, whose roots run deep in her town could probably become the Good Will Ambassador of Baltimore, she is such a great supporter and proponent of her city that lies in the shadow of the capitol.   And as if keeping up with one blog isn’t enough, Meg is also a foodie and  writes a second blog Pigtown Pigout on edible delights.    But, there is more to Meg than blogging:  in “real life” she works as the Director of Development for the Woodbourne Center.   Woodbourne has a fascinating history – one of the oldest charities in America, founded in 1798 – it provides a safe haven and home for children who are abused, neglected, or unwanted.  Some children at Woodbourne suffer from mental illness, some suffer from poverty, some suffer from drug abuse – but all suffer.    The children’s welfare depends on the generosity of others that keeps Woodbourne operating but, like most charities,  this years donations are down – way, way down.  Even the state has cut their funding, but more damaging, it is requiring that 2% of last year’s grant be returned!  Woodbourne needs your help.   Can you spare a dime, a dollar?



[Snow 38a[4].jpg]

The Woodbourne Center – once this house is where the orphans actually lived.   Today it houses offices for the staff, including Meg who is lucky to have a gorgeous fireplace in hers!                                    





This year, some of the children are seen in a video reciting their Christmas List.   To watch it, go  HERE.   It’s heart breaking.  Their wishes are so basic - books, pens, pencils, an MP3 player, art supplies, Monopoly, a radio, a sketch pad.  One child quotes the bible.    Another  wishes for joy and happiness, something he says he doesn’t have much of.   Oh my.  If it doesn’t make you cry…….  To hear their simple dreams and hopes is a real eye opener to how so many children have to live their lives in this – the most prosperous nation in the world.


As Meg wrote: 

“As economic conditions worsen, it is often children who suffer. Their parents are more stressed than ever and their frustration is sometimes taken out on their children, who then act out and get into trouble at home and at school. They are often the unseen casualties in the economic climate.

But, through wars and depressions, in good times and bad, Woodbourne has been a refuge for these children, providing them with a safe place to recover from the traumatic events which have scarred their young lives.”


You can make a donation –  HERE.




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