Charlotte Moss' Winter House

Charlotte Moss' Aspen home which is the subject of her latest book, Winter House, recently sold for $8,500.000. Interestingly, the house was purchased by a Dallas couple, Carl and Peggy Sewell whose own beautiful home has been featured more than once in Southern Accents. The real estate listing for Winter House states the asking price was at a major price reduction and the house was being sold unfurnished. It is a six bedroom house with a large basement that appears to be a self contained "house within a house" as it has its own kitchen, living room, and bedrooms far away from the main level.

There is a great virtual tour that you can take, here. Not only that, but you can save the virtual tour to a zip file which converts the tour to still photographs, which then can be studied in great detail if you so desire. Much of the virtual tour shows views of bedrooms and the basement that were not shown in Winter House. If you are a fan of Charlotte's and the book Winter House, I would advise you to take a look at the virtual tour as soon as possible, because I can't imagine the site will contain this listing much longer since the house has sold.

Here, you can find an interview Charlotte did about happier times spent in Winter House. It does appear, though, that there will be future happy times for Charlotte. The Aspen Times, while reporting the sale of Winter House by Charlotte Moss and her husband, Barry Friedberg, also reports that a few weeks prior to the sale, a Barry Friedberg of New York, bought a Red Mountain ranch for a tidy $16,250,000. Below, are a few stills taken from the real estate listing for Winter House:

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